About J&J

Meet the Family

Jack George, President of J&J Landscaping

 Jack started J&J in 1976 with his twin brother Jeff when they were just seniors in high school. In 1979 the brothers moved into different areas, splitting the company. Jack moved into Hunterdon County, and took on landscaping full time. Jack has been a member of the Hunterdon County community for over 30 years, a place we call home. He has been involved in the youth coaching programs for over 25 years, coaching Pop Warner football, basketball, softball and baseball.

Email: jack@jandjscaping.com

Patti George, Office Manager

After marrying Jack in 1981, Patti took over the office manager position for J&J Landscaping. She was able to work at home while raising her four children.  As the business grew, the office manager position grew into a full time job which is now operated out of the Garden Center.  Patti also is one of the buyers for the garden center, which has been a fun bonus of the job!

Email: patti@jandjscaping.com

Jason George, Garden Center Manager

Jason received his B.S. in Environmental Planning and Design from Rutgers University. He works at the garden center full time, making sure that every client is taken care of, and that each project is done to their specific wants and needs. He is on site 7 days a week meeting with clients, answering consumer questions, running the staff, and has the knowledge and experience to guide any upcoming projects.

Email: jason@jandjscaping.com

Randy George, Operations Manager

Randy received his Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Business from The College of New Jersey and is in charge of all infrastructure at J&J. He also manages all information technology, equipment maintenance, and hardscaping projects.

Email: randy@jandjscaping.com

Cory George, Landscape Manager

Cory graduated from Monmouth University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. He is the foreman of the landscape division & he runs the daily landscape crews. Cory is the in-house designer for the hardscaping projects and he is a certified hardscape installer with an I.C.P.I certification.

Email: cory@jandjscaping.com

Kate George, Garden Center Manager

Kate graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelor of Science in Plant Science. She is a Registered Horticultural Therapist HTR, through the American Horticultural Therapy Association AHTA. She is also certified in Healthcare Garden Design through the Chicago Botanic Garden. Kate designs and maintains seasonal displays at the garden center. She creates specialty seasonal containers for businesses and homeowners. Kate also coordinates and facilitates classes for children and adults.

Email: kate@jandjscaping.com

Caitlin George, Sales, Marketing and Events Coordinator

Caitlin received her bachelor of science in Nutritional Sciences from Penn State University. She is an advocate for sustainable nutrition, integrating her passion for nutrition and growing your own food. She works on advertising for the company as well as setting up & scheduling various events.

Email: caitlin@jandjscaping.com

Kassy George, Retail Sales Staff

Kassy works full time as a hair dresser for Crystal and Company in Flemington, NJ. She also contributes to the advertisement for J&J Landscaping and Garden Center and is a key member of our sales team.

Email: kassy@jandjscaping.com

Jackson George, Sandbox Manager and Consultant

Jackson is currently enrolled in the Goddard Preschool in Flemington, NJ. He is our consultant for all of our children’s classes & also manages the sandbox. Somebody has to make sure theres enough room and toys to go around.

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