Landscaping Service – Jim and Danice, Annandale

Extensive landscaping around property, rebuilding of stone walls, relaying of brick path, installation of drain pipe under garden, and installation of new landscape lights.

J&J Landscaping was fantastic. I’m a little surprised that there aren’t more reviews on Angie’s List for these guys, as they have been around a while, and our experience was excellent. We called J&J to landscape around our house and carriage house; rebuild some falling stone walls; relay a brick path; and install better drainage pipes. In total, they were on the job about three days, and the whole team was fantastic. Jack was either at our house working or popping in repeatedly to check on progress and oversee the job; Cory organized the teams daily and kept everything moving along within our specifications (while also making helpful suggestions of his own); and Randy oversaw installation of wonderful, new landscape lighting. We found the whole team to be professional, respectful of our property, and really a joy to be around. Landscaping invites a number of opinions, and Jack, Cory, and Randy were all great in terms of having an idea. They aren’t simply there to do the work. They have great ideas and come up with ways to make your property look better within your budget. Plus, we have an old house (from the 1700’s), and we were not looking for a “modern” landscape look. We were looking for a clean, simple look — with a little bit of rock-like ruggedness — to match the feeling of the old house. Jack immediately got our vision…which is why we chose J&J over other landscapers whom we interviewed. We felt that they were truly interested in what type of look we were going for, and they had their own opinions. We also felt that they would be the type of team we could work with in the future to make improvements or merely just to help with yard clean up. In other words, we were looking to establish a relationship with a landscaper and not merely contract for a one-off job. We were really pleased. Also, their follow up is great. We had one or two plants die simply due to some type of random bug, and they replaced them as soon as we called Patti (Jack’s wife and central organizer). To be clear, we interviewed a number of landscapers to do this job. Pricing for J&J fell somewhere in the middle (not the most expensive and not the cheapest). The reason we chose them was they were a family operation, they were responsive, they had great ideas, they were sensitive to our ideas, and they have a great reputation in the community. Plus, they are centrally located on Rte 31 and have a garden center on site — which has been incredibly helpful for follow up visits/purchases. We would absolutely, 100%, recommend these guys.

J & J Landscaping and Garden Center